T-Shirt Quilts

T- Shirt quilting holds a special place in my heart. The quilt can tell a special story about an individual, couple, or family. Every T-Shirt quilt is uniquely custom made! We offer many options and therefore are priced accordingly. 

Quilting Price Estimation (Starting Prices):

Onesie (Baby Clothing Memory Quilt): $325.00 - Measures Approximately 50" x 65"                      -The number of onesies used depends on the size and desired look you are looking for. 

Lap/Throw Quilt: $300.00 - Measures Approximately 50" x 65"                                                        - Up to 9 t-shirts can be used. 

Twin Quilt: $325.00 - Measures Approximately 70" x 90"                                                                  - Up to 12 t-shirts can be used.

Full/Double Quilt: $375.00 - Measures Approximately 85" x 108"                                                     - Up to 16 t-shirts can be used

Queen Quilt: $425 - Measures Approximately 90" x 108"                                                                 - Up to 20 t-shirts can be used.

~ All t-shirt quilts use 80/20 batting (can be changed for an additional cost)                               ~ All t-shirt quilts will have a solid color backing, customer can choose from provided colors (other options are available for additional cost.)                                                                          ~ All t-shirt quilts will be finished with stitch in the ditch quilting. Longarm quilting is an option but is an additional cost.